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Glassoon is an alien and a character of the serie My Giant Friend.

He's also the Boom' best friend.

Appearance Edit

Glassoon is a very high and big alien. He's all blue with very small eyes and buttons on the top of his head.

Personality Edit

Glassoon is a very nice alien but he's quite careless. He's as greedy as Boom but he eat only ice food.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Glassoon haven't superpowers but he's quite strong, he can use his overweight as a weapon when he fighting to crush his ennemies. Glassoon not stand the heat, he's used to living in the cold, its thermostat is set below -57°C.

Weakness Edit

The Glassoon' weak point is the heat. He's used to living in the cold and heat weakens.

Major Battle Edit

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Glassoon and Zotz are ready to fight SDC

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