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Eye Color

Light brown

Hair Color


Family and Friends

Linus McLoon (Love interest)
Boom (Friend)

Taki (Friend)
Monroe (Friend)

First Appearance

The Watch of Scire Part 1

Iris is one of the main character of my giant friend she is just a 12 years old girl who can understand alien language in a little age she is a pleasant minded girl who is interested in linus with deep love

She is a 12-year-old girl with a unique ability to understand alien language. She is Linus' love interest. She kissed him in episode 44, Larva.


Iris has light brown eyes and brown hair with a magenta colored french hat on it. She wears a dark megenta colored inner skinny dress with a light pink dress on top of it. She wears a white-magenta colored shoes.                                                                                                                               

During her dates with Linus or when at her home, she wears a yellow, sleeveless dress.


Iris is a 12 years old girl with a unique ability to understand alien language. She is a kind-hearted, sweet, girl who started the Astronomy Club to save the aliens. She is shown to be good at jet-boarding and have her own pink jet-board. Iris can get really angry sometimes and has quarrels with the others about little things . Sometimes she can be very mean at times. She has a flaming temper. Iris always wants attention. She is said to be very good at school subjects and is the top of the class. Her favourite subjects are history and literature.

Iris has a huge crush on Linus. She always tries to flirt with Linus but fails because of Linus' crush on Jenny, a girl who Iris is extremely jealous of. She have given him many hints but he doesn't know about it until in the episode, Bye Bye BeeBee, where Linus finds about Iris' love for him then he also started fall in love with iris. In the end of the series, Linus and Iris kissed. In season two they are said to be an offical couple.



Iris has a crush on Linus she loves him but is jealous of Linus' crush Jenny. Although Jenny shows no interest in him. jenny likes boom and often shows her affection towards him.and at last the love of iris wins and linus also started to take intrest in iris


Boom and Iris are good friends. in most of the episodes in the series when boom is misunderstood by the others often iris is the one seen comforting him.


Taki and Iris are good friends. They always teams up when fighting aliens.and they both always argues


Iris and Monroe are the smartest in the group and though they are good friends they are not shown interacting much.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Iris has a unique ability to understand and speak alien language. She comes when calming or talking with aliens. How she got her ability to speak aliens is unknown.

When she gets so much angry, she can hit a baseball into wall and break the wall.


  • Iris is the only female main character.
  • How she got her ability to speak aliens is still unknown.


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