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The Robotic Agents are robots made by SDC manufacture to capture aliens and help Chase and Sanborn in their mission.

Appearance Edit

They are metallic robots with a blue top and a grey low, they always wears glasses and short hair.

Personality Edit

These robots haven't personality, they just follow the orders of Chase and Sanborn but when they see an alien, they attack them directly.

Gallery Edit

Screenshot 2016-08-12-12-44-58

Robots' laser canon

Screenshot 2016-08-12-12-34-33

Robots' chain saw

Screenshot 2016-08-12-12-38-37

Robot drive a moto

Screenshot 2016-08-12-12-33-27


Screenshot 2016-08-12-12-53-19

Robots in a hockey outfit

Major Battles Edit

  • Robotic Agents vs. Boom (many times)
  • Robotic Agents (Exoskeleton) vs. Boom
  • Robotic Agents vs. Linus
Screenshot 2016-08-12-12-31-06

Robotic Agents (Exoskeleton) defeat Boom

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